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In 2015, after learning of Chris Hedges' promise to his class at Eastern State Penitentiary, that he would -- somehow, someway, someday -- mount the play they had written together, filmmaker Michael Nigro contacted Hedges and persuaded him into documenting the process.  


"Uncaged" is not simply a run-and-gun, behind-the-scenes look at producing the play. Nor is it the filmed version the play. Rather, the film utilizes specific, incisive scenes from the play as a narrative springboard in order to examine the vast cultural and social implications that the script itself presents.



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Michael Nigro is an award-winning filmmaker, six-time Emmy-nominated writer-director and multi-media journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. 


He was recently shortlisted for the British D&AD International Photography Award and was a recipient of the Art & Activism Photography Prize by the Theo Westenberger Estates. His work has been featured in The Guardian, Vice, The Intercept, NPR, Rolling Stone and Time, to name a few.



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